Adam Schiff Vows McCarthy Won’t Derail Committee From Getting The 1/6 Truth

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1/6 Committee member, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) vowed that Kevin McCarthy volition not beryllium capable to derail the committee from getting the truth.

Rep. Schiff tweeted aft Rep. McCarthy took his shot and went home:

Investigating January 6 is simply a sober endeavor. One demanding bully religion information from some parties.

Time aft time, McCarthy has shown helium is not up to that task.

But we cannot let him to derail our important enactment oregon name others who will.⁰
We volition uncover the truth.

— Adam Schiff (@RepAdamSchiff) July 21, 2021

Republicans Are Terrified That The American People Will Learn The 1/6 Truth

Chairman Schiff nailed it. Republicans are frightened that if the American radical find retired the information astir 1/6 they volition suffer their accidental to instrumentality backmost Congress successful 2022, and Donald Trump volition beryllium finished arsenic a imaginable 2024 statesmanlike candidate.

Kevin McCarthy is moving a cover-up operation portion pulling a leafage from Trump’s playbook by trying to delegitimize the committee earlier it begins its work.

The cover-up volition fail. The 1/6 Committee is going to uncover the information whether Republicans take to enactment oregon not.

If Leader McCarthy wasn’t truthful engaged trying to negociate optics for Trump and make moments for Fox News, helium would recognize that cutting his Republicans retired of the probe was the worst imaginable move.

The remaining committee members tin present bash the benignant of heavy and superior probe that the state needs, and determination volition beryllium nary 1 successful the country to protect, Trump, legislature Republicans, oregon immoderate of the different co-conspirators successful the home panic onslaught connected the Capitol.

McCarthy didn’t halt the investigation. He conscionable sealed the destiny of his home terror-supporting party.

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