AFL set for tribute game after Devonport tragedy

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The AFL has announced a tribute lucifer to beryllium hosted successful north-western Tasmania successful effect to the calamity successful Devonport.

Hawthorn volition instrumentality connected Richmond to beryllium held astatine 1.10pm connected Saturday, March 5.

The assemblage and federation are reeling aft five children were killed successful a jumping castle mishap connected Friday.

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"On behalf of the AFL, I widen my deepest condolences to everyone impacted by the mishap astatine Hillcrest Primary successful Devonport earlier this week," AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan said.

"To each those affected by the tragedy, including the families, archetypal responders, the schoolhouse community, and the wider Devonport community, we nonstop our thoughts.

"We can't ideate the heartbreak that everyone successful the close-knit North-West assemblage of Tasmania is going done – we stock successful that heartbreak and arsenic an manufacture we are agreed successful our committedness to help.

Hawthorn and Richmond successful enactment during the 2021 season. (Getty)

"Words are shallow close present but we privation to marque a committedness to bash immoderate we tin implicit the coming weeks and months to enactment those touched by this calamity to assistance with their healing and recovery."

"A fundraiser and a crippled of shot cannot alteration what has happened, but it is 1 mode for our crippled to wrapper our arms astir the North-West assemblage of Tasmania and amusement our support," McLachlan said.

The lawsuit volition beryllium preceded by a fundraising event, with North Melbourne - who person ties to the portion - besides providing support.

"We've had a decade-long narration with the radical of Tasmania and 12 players crossed our men's and women's teams are from Tassie. This incredibly tragic lawsuit has deed america peculiarly hard," North CEO Ben Amarfio said.

Richmond CEO Brendon Gale said that thing could marque up for the tragedy, but they would bash everything they could to help.

"Everyone has been wholly heartbroken by the tragic nonaccomplishment of young lives successful Devonport this week," Gale said.

"Nothing tin marque close what has happened but if successful immoderate tiny mode we tin assistance bring the Devonport and north-west coastal assemblage together, past we are lone excessively blessed to help."

Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett agreed.

"We basal alongside and acceptable to assistance the assemblage successful immoderate mode we can. We anticipation this crippled is different publication to the galore being made crossed the state to assistance easiness the symptom of the section community, schoolhouse and families," helium said.

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