Canada bans conversion therapy, a practice Trudeau calls 'despicable and degrading'

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(CNN)Canada connected Wednesday banned conversion therapy, which are treatments that assertion to beryllium capable to alteration a person's intersexual predisposition oregon identity.

The instrumentality makes it a transgression to taxable a idiosyncratic of immoderate age, consenting oregon not, to such treatment.

'A ineligible  signifier  of abuse': Conversion therapy is lurking successful  the shadows

So-called conversion therapies trust connected the presumption that intersexual predisposition tin beryllium changed oregon "cured" -- an thought discredited by large aesculapian associations successful the US, the UK and elsewhere.

    It's often performed by spiritual leaders, but licensed clinicians are besides engaged successful the practice.

      The Canadian bill makes "providing, promoting, oregon advertizing conversion therapy" a transgression offense, the Senate of Canada said connected Twitter. It volition besides beryllium an discourtesy to nett from the proviso of conversion therapy.

      In addition, the measure states a idiosyncratic cannot region a "child from Canada with the volition that the kid acquisition conversion therapy extracurricular Canada." The Criminal Code violations volition spell into effect 30 days aft the measure received the Royal Assent connected Wednesday.

      Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hailed the Royal Assent, which is granted by the Governor General of Canada.

      "It's official: Our government's authorities banning the despicable and degrading signifier of conversion therapy has received Royal Assent -- meaning it is present law," helium wrote on Twitter. "LGBTQ2 Canadians, we'll ever basal up for you and your rights."

      "LGBTQ2" is the acronym utilized by the Canadian government, with the "2" referring to Two-Spirit, "a culturally-specific individuality utilized by immoderate Indigenous radical to bespeak a idiosyncratic whose sex identity, spiritual individuality and/or intersexual predisposition comprises some antheral and pistillate spirits," according to the government's glossary of terminology.

      Religious leaders telephone  for planetary  prohibition  connected  alleged  cheery  conversion therapies

      Last year, hundreds of spiritual leaders joined forces to propulsion for a global prohibition connected conversion therapy.

      The declaration asked for forgiveness for the harm that immoderate spiritual teachings person caused LGBTQ+ radical and calls for everyone to "celebrate inclusivity and the bonzer acquisition of our diversity."

      Malta -- a tiny land federation successful the Mediterranean with a colonisation of conscionable implicit 400,000 -- made past by implementing a nationwide prohibition connected conversion therapy successful 2016.

        And successful May 2020, Germany's parliament approved a prohibition connected conversion therapies for minors, and for adults who person been forced, threatened oregon deceived to acquisition the arguable treatment.

        In the US, 20 states and much than 100 municipalities person banned the practice, according to the National Center for Lesbian Rights' Born Perfect campaign, which aims to end conversion therapy.

        CNN's Jack Guy, Rob Picheta and Kelly McCleary contributed to this report.

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