CEEK VR Price (CEEK) biggest metaverse coin gainer today: here is why the coin is rising

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Currently, CEEK is trading astatine $0.52, up 13.45% successful the past 24 hours, a marketplace headdress of $390 million, and a 24-hour trading measurement of $27 million.

It has a circulating proviso of 744 million, however, the full proviso is not provided.

What Is CEEK VR?

CEEK VR offers artists a level for euphony streaming and publishing. It features artists similar Demi Lovato, Lady Gaga, and galore more.

Currently, determination are patented VR headsets that are disposable astatine large retailers specified arsenic Best Buy and Target. The level besides features CEEK CITY, which is simply a VR signifier for unrecorded performance.

CEEK is the autochthonal ERC-20 token of the CEEK VR level and it enables users to gain tokens by creating customized coins for the artists and labels, curating contented for approval, creating integer merchandise, and sharing links connected societal media.

Why CEEK VR terms is rising

Since past month’s Ellen Show the terms of the CEEK coin has been rising. The amusement made CEEK VR the biggest mainstream promotion successful crypto history.

Besides the momentum created by Ellen Show, the existent terms hike is besides attributed to the CEEK 4D Headphones that appeared successful the MoneyGram ad, which is simply a fashionable app for wealth transportation for those that don’t trust connected slope accounts. The CEEK merchandise successful the mainstream advertisement brought a batch of attraction to the project.

CEEK #4DHeadphones look successful @MoneyGram advertisement featuring planetary euphony prima @sarkodie We physique the champion for the champion 🏆🏆💪 #CEEK #360Headphones #Metaverse
👉🏽 Get yours astatine https://t.co/MMxcdjmMqG pic.twitter.com/MnhgorV8kY

— Ceek (@CEEK) December 16, 2021

Another origin is CEEK’s announcement connected December 14 that it shall commencement making the acquisition cards disposable for purchase.

The CEEK squad is besides processing their metaverse arsenic good arsenic preparing their onshore merchantability successful CEEK City, which volition easy let the level to perchance surpass its all-time precocious of $1.14.

Get ready… 😉👏#CEEKCity #CEEK #LandSale pic.twitter.com/JfsOORXXLJ

— Jarred Winn (@JarredWinn) December 15, 2021

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