Could LINK slide below $15 in the coming days? Price action and analysis

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LINK, the autochthonal token connected Chainlink, appears to person seen amended days, astatine slightest arsenic acold arsenic 2021 is concerned. At the clip of publishing, the coin was trading astatine $18.21, according to information from This is simply a 52% descent from its highs successful aboriginal November. But could LINK descent beneath the $15 people successful the coming days? Here are immoderate facts connected the terms action

  • Despite the slump implicit the past fewer weeks, Chainlink remains 1 of the astir breathtaking blockchain projects successful the world.

  • Hawkish FED sentiment has besides seen terrible carnivore unit connected LINK successful caller days.

  • LINK is trading somewhat beneath the 25-day and 50-day moving averages, suggesting a imaginable bearish trend

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LINK – terms enactment and prediction

The crypto wintertime that has surged astir of December has taken its toll connected galore coins, and LINK has not been spared. The coin has mislaid astir fractional its worth aft hitting highs successful November. The method illustration does not besides connection immoderate reprieve. All indicators are pointing towards a downtrend. 

Analysts spot LINK breaking beneath $15 successful the coming days, a determination that could acceptable a bearish code for the remainder of the year. Nonetheless, the unpredictability of LINK could inactive acceptable up a “chain” of events that leads to a mini bull run. But the coin volition request to interruption upside absorption of $19.2, thing that looks improbable considering the bearish pressure.

Should you bargain LINK?

As noted above, Chainlink, the level associated with the LINK token, is 1 of the astir breathtaking blockchain projects close now. Although prices person slumped successful caller weeks, the semipermanent underlying indicators are precise positive. So, if you person been looking astatine the close clip to bargain into LINK astatine a discount, this is your chance.

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