Deon Estus, bassist for Wham!, has died

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(CNN)Deon Estus, a vocalist and instrumentalist who played bass guitar for the '80s popular radical Wham!, has died, according to a station connected his Twitter page.

He was 65.

"It is with existent sadness I station that Deon Estus passed distant this morning," read the post. "Deon was mostly known arsenic the 3rd subordinate of Wham! Deon was passionate astir euphony and loved interacting with his loyal fans."

    In summation to playing and touring with Wham!, Estus had collaborations with Tina Turner, Annie Lennox, Elton John, Aaron Neville and different artists. His single, "Heaven Help Me," which besides featured vocals by George Michael, reached No. 5 connected the Billboard Hot 100 illustration successful 1989.

      Andrew Ridgeley, who played guitar and sang backup vocals successful Wham!, paid tribute to Estus connected Tuesday, calling him "a lavishly talented bass guitarist, a charismatic & impish quality & a stone of the WHAM! bushed section."

      Ridgeley added, "He lives ample successful the memory, helium radiated warmth, humour & life's illuminating light, my heartfelt commiserations spell retired to his family."

        Michael, who died successful 2016, has a verified Twitter relationship maintained by Sony Music.

        "We're bittersweet to perceive that our person Deon Estus has passed away," work a tribute posted to the page. "Deon was not lone an unbelievably talented bass subordinate but besides a overmuch loved and treasured subordinate of Wham! and of George's philharmonic family. His fantastic tone & his endowment volition beryllium greatly missed. Rest successful bid Deon."

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