Destiny 2's Halloween-Themed Festival Of The Lost Begins Today

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Destiny 2’s yearly Halloween event, Festival of the Lost, begins yet again and Bungie has laid retired each of the tricks and/or treats Guardians tin indulge successful implicit the adjacent fewer weeks. 

Three Haunted Sectors contain ghoulish headless foes for players to hunt crossed the Moon and Essus. Guardians tin capable their bags with weapons specified arsenic the Exotic Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle and cruise astir connected an exotic, tarantula-shaped Sparrow. You tin besides gain the Bump successful the Night Emblem courtesy of peculiar lawsuit organizer extraordinaire, Eva Levante.  

Perhaps the champion additions are dinosaur-themed cogwheel and ornaments disposable astatine the Eververse store, which is the effect of a assemblage canvass held earlier this year. Personally, I conscionable privation to propulsion pumpkin bombs similar a sci-fi Green Goblin. Get a glimpse astatine what’s successful store successful the trailer below.

Festival of the Lost concludes connected November 2. Of course, Season of the Lost is inactive successful afloat plaything and if you’re enjoying Destiny 2 via Xbox Game Pass connected PC, contiguous is other saccharine arsenic the Beyond Light enlargement joins the library arsenic well. 

In different caller Destiny 2 news, Bungie announced it plans to vault a information of the Forsaken content, including its communicative campaign, successful February. You tin larn much astir what’s going and what’s staying from the fashionable enlargement here.

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