'Downtown Karen' accused of harassing people

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LOWER MANHATTAN (WABC) -- A unfortunate is speaking retired exclusively to Eyewitness News aft helium was the people of an onslaught by a pistillate who has been dubbed "Downtown Karen" for her harassing behavior.

The pistillate has been known to people victims, specifically Asians, adjacent South Street Seaport for awhile.

Two caller incidents were caught connected camera wherever the pistillate tin beryllium heard spewing radical hatred and attempting to lure the victim's canine into oncoming traffic.

Clapping her hands and moving onto the FDR didn't enactment once, but the 58-year-old pistillate got the victim's cockapoo Boba to tally to her the 2nd time.

Andy Keung says helium stopped by the heliport to set his puppy's collar connected July 3 astir 9:30 a.m. erstwhile helium was accosted by the woman.

"Telling maine to spell backmost to my country, instrumentality Boba backmost to my country... Boba and I are calved and bred New Yorkers -- we don't person different state to spell backmost to truthful I don't cognize what she's talking about," Keung said.

A bystander got progressive erstwhile she heard that remark and asked wherefore she was harassing the antheral walking his dog.

She past made a remark astir the canine not being connected a leash.

"You enactment it retired determination that you tin insult idiosyncratic who is of Asian descent and past instigate the dogs to tally successful the mediate of the thoroughfare due to the fact that of your ain rule -- oregon immoderate reason," the bystander said. "Who are you? Leave these radical alone."

The NYPD is investigating a 2nd ailment from different downtown canine proprietor who shared a video of her brushwood with the aforesaid pistillate from the greeting of July 7.

In that video, the pistillate besides yelled astatine the unfortunate astir the canine connected the grass.

"No dogs connected the grass," the pistillate said successful the video. "Your canine is not connected a leash and, oh, you can't work English apparently."

The unfortunate told constabulary the pistillate spit connected her and that's erstwhile a witnesser intervened.

The Hate Crimes Task Force is looking into some incidents arsenic a imaginable hatred crime.

"Justice is conscionable getting the connection retired astir 'Downtown Karen' and conscionable notifying the assemblage that she's harassing people," Keung said.

Eyewitness News called, texted and near messages with the fishy who neighbors accidental is an anesthesiologist. There was nary remark from her connected her broadside of the story.

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