From the Field: Interweaving ecosystems in Indonesia

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The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is moving with section communities successful Indonesia’s Kalimantan forests to support biodiversity and make sustainable livelihoods.

Traditional weaving successful  Ensaid Panjang,  Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Traditional weaving successful Ensaid Panjang, Kalimantan, Indonesia., by UNDP Indonesia

Traditionally, the cultivation of earthy dyes are utilized for accepted weaving successful Kalimantan, Indonesia’s territory connected the land of Borneo. These methods are being utilized arsenic a means of wood conservation, with the planting and cultivating earthy dye-producing plants.

In Ensaid Panjang village, the products woven are not conscionable commercially invaluable – they service arsenic a cardinal nexus to Indigenous traditions and lifeways, including ceremonies and rituals.

A UNDP-backed task is moving with communities, similar Ensaid Panjang, to support and support wood areas. Find retired much astir the task here.

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