How to find out which Android apps are using the most memory

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Did you cognize there's a mode to cheque and spot however overmuch representation each app is utilizing connected your Android device? Jack Wallen shows you how.

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Android has go precise bully astatine managing memory. It's a uncommon lawsuit I find that an app goes rogue and gobbles up truthful overmuch representation that a instrumentality starts to relation improperly. That doesn't mean, however, it ne'er happens. I've experienced it a fewer times successful the past. The biggest indicator was a telephone getting blistery and the UI being irresponsive. When that happens, the lone recourse was to restart the device. Usually, that'll resoluteness the problem. However, you mightiness person an app installed that includes representation issues. 

But however bash you fig retired which app it is?

Let maine amusement you.

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What you'll request

The lone happening you'll request to marque this enactment is an Android device. That's it. Let's look into those apps.

How to alteration Developer options

To find retired which apps are utilizing your memory, you indispensable archetypal alteration the Developer options. To bash that, unfastened the Settings app and past pat About Phone. Scroll to the bottommost of that model and past pat Build fig 7 times. After the seventh tap, you'll beryllium informed that the Developer options has been enabled.

With Developer options enabled, you're acceptable to cheque however your apps are utilizing your memory.

How to cheque what apps are utilizing representation

Go backmost to Settings and pat System. Near the bottommost of this screen, you should spot Developer options (Figure A).

Figure A


Developer options is present disposable connected your Android device.

Tap Developer options and past pat Memory. In the resulting surface (Figure B), you'll spot a database of the mean representation utilized by the instrumentality successful the past 3 hours (you tin set the clip frame, by tapping the clip drop-down astatine the top).

Figure B


The Memory usage model successful Android 12.

At the bottommost of that window, you'll spot Memory utilized by apps. Tap that introduction to uncover a listing of each app, including Android OS (Figure C).

Figure C


The listing of each installed app and however overmuch representation they've used.

If you pat an entry, you tin spot the frequence of use, the maximum magnitude of representation it's used, however overmuch Z-Ram it's used, and (in cases similar Google), you'll spot different listings, specified arsenic Search, Interactor, Privileged_process() and Train (Figure D).

Figure D


The introduction for Google successful the Memory usage page.

What tin you bash with this information?

The information is, you can't really instrumentality enactment from wrong the Memory usage page. This is conscionable wherever you tin way down those apps that mightiness beryllium over-using memory. Should you find there's an app causing representation issues (especially 1 that often has this problem), your champion people of enactment is to uninstall the app successful question. 

With that accusation successful hand, you mightiness besides interaction the developer of the app truthful they mightiness resoluteness the issue. If this is an app you truly privation connected your device, you'd beryllium doing yourself and the developer a favor.

And that's each determination is to tracking down which apps are utilizing (or abusing) representation connected your Android device. Even if you don't request this useful diagnostic immediately, astatine immoderate constituent you mightiness and you'll beryllium gladsome you cognize however to alteration and usage it.

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