Introducing Video Gameography – A New Podcast From Game Informer!

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Most gaming podcasts these days bash the aforesaid thing: circular up the quality and speech astir the large releases of the week. There is thing incorrect with that, but our emotion of games isn't tied to a merchandise schedule. Whether you're a hardcore instrumentality oregon a casual subordinate who lone has clip for a prime fig of games a year, the crushed you fell successful emotion with this mean is that you loved 1 crippled first. We privation to put the absorption backmost connected immoderate of our favourite franchises, explore how they changed implicit the years, and analyse wherefore they near a people connected the industry.

Video Gameography is simply a serialized podcast. Each play we'll research a caller franchise and wherefore it's essential. In each episode, we'll analyse 1 crippled successful that series (starting with the archetypal entry), speech astir its lore, accumulation history, and the interaction it near connected those who played it.

There is nary shortage of large manufacture franchises we anticipation to cover: God of War, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Doom, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, etc. However, our archetypal play zooms successful connected Nintendo's iconic Metroid franchise. Did you cognize that Samus' iconic large enarthrosis plan was a effect of the limitations of the Game Boy? Or that she was primitively named aft the legendary Football/Soccer fable Pele? Or that Metroid Fusion is the lone crippled successful the bid that tin beryllium completed with an point postulation percent of zero? 

Join hosts Ben Reeves, Marcus Stewart, and a postulation of rotating guests arsenic we analyse your favourite gaming franchises. New episodes driblet each Saturday, starting connected October 16. It's going to beryllium a chaotic ride. 

For much Game Informer podcasts, beryllium definite to cheque retired the GI Show, which covers play quality and each the details connected the large crippled releases, and All Things Nintendo with big Brian Shea which heavy dives into Nintendo's room of games each week. 

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