Justin Trudeau pelted with gravel by protesters at campaign stop

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(CNN)After denouncing protesters arsenic "anti-vaxxer mobs," Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was pelted with gravel astatine an predetermination run halt connected Monday night.

Journalists traveling with the Liberal Party person posted videos of the incidental successful London, Ontario, arsenic Trudeau was boarding his run autobus aft the event. Several videos amusement Trudeau surrounded by run aides and information arsenic protesters proceed shouting astatine him.

The video shows what Trudeau aboriginal described arsenic "little bits of gravel" hitting him and others arsenic helium boards the bus.

    The incidental underscores a nationalist predetermination run that has been increasing progressively heated. Last month, Trudeau's run canceled a nationalist lawsuit for information reasons. Many protesters trailing Trudeau accidental they are aggravated with nationalist wellness measures specified arsenic vaccine mandates.

      Earlier Monday, Trudeau had said helium would not "back down" from campaigning, contempt dozens of large and progressively assertive protesters stalking his events.

      "Yes, determination is simply a tiny fringe constituent successful this state that is angry, that doesn't judge successful science, that is lashing retired with racist, misogynistic attacks," said Trudeau portion campaigning successful Ontario hours earlier the gravel-throwing incident.

      High vaccination complaint

      Canada's Conservative Party leader, Erin O'Toole, has denounced assertive protesters saying past week that his enactment does not condone specified behavior.

      "I powerfully condemn immoderate signifier of harassment and protestation the similar we've seen. We're a democracy, we should beryllium having a steadfast and respectful statement of ideas and we person nary clip for radical who bring successful negativity to campaigning," helium said during a quality briefing.

      Canadian state  to assistance   restrictions a period  earlier  expected

      After the incident, Canada's ambassador to the United Nations, Bob Rae, tweeted that, "Our learned acquisition should thatch america 2 things: governmental unit is contagious unless stopped successful its tracks with some denunciation and enforcement, and it is incorrect to deliberation "this isn't Canada". Unfortunately it is and it volition person unspeakable consequences unless we look up to it".

      Canada's drawback national predetermination is slated for September 20 -- and polls amusement a adjacent contention betwixt Trudeau and O'Toole's governmental parties.

        Most Canadians person embraced nationalist wellness measures and Canada present has 1 of the highest vaccination rates successful the satellite with 3 retired of each 4 eligible Canadians afloat vaccinated.

        Despite that, the simmering pandemic is plaguing Canada with lawsuit counts and hospitalizations rising according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, particularly among younger, unvaccinated Canadians.

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