Microsoft adds Windows Subsystem for Linux Preview to Windows 11 Microsoft App Store

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It's present adjacent easier to instal Windows Subsystem for Linux connected Windows 11. Jack Wallen lets you successful connected however it's done.


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If you're moving Windows 11, Microsoft has conscionable made it considerably easier for you to instal Windows Subsystem for Linux Preview. Instead of having to spell done the Settings exertion to instal WSL, users tin present simply unfastened the Microsoft App Store, hunt for WSL and click to install. 

For those who person yet to acquisition WSL, you're successful for a dainty ... that is, if you're looking to tally Linux binaries successful Windows. WSL is simply a compatibility furniture (similar to what Wine is to Windows connected Linux). With this layer, users tin enactment with Linux applications natively connected Windows desktops. 

According to Microsoft:

The Windows Subsystem for Linux preview is present disposable successful the Microsoft Store arsenic a store exertion for Windows 11 machines! Installing WSL done the store volition let you to get the latest WSL updates and features faster, and without needing to modify your Windows version.

Traditionally, Windows Subsystem for Linux was installed arsenic an optional component, which required users to find the Turn Windows Features On oregon Off enactment and alteration it. This was necessary, arsenic WSL was portion of the Windows representation and was updated arsenic a portion of the OS itself.

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Now that the binaries person migrated extracurricular of the operating strategy image, they are overmuch easier to instal and negociate (like you would immoderate Windows application). One large broadside effect of this is that, whenever caller features are added to WSL (such arsenic GUI app support, GPU compute and Linux record strategy mounting), the updates volition beryllium made disposable instantly to users (instead of having to spell done the overmuch slower process of being added to the Windows representation and past sent retired arsenic a Windows update).

New features successful WSL 2

One happening to recognize is that this isn't a caller merchandise of Windows Subsystem for Linux, it's conscionable Microsoft decoupling it from the Windows image. So don't expect a postulation of large updates. That being said, on with the simplicity of installation, determination are a fewer notable features to beryllium recovered successful this release. Those features include:

  • WSLg (GUI app enactment for Wayland and X server-related scenarios) has been added.
  • New wsl.exe --mount features includes --vhd for mounting VHD files, filesystem detection for wsl --mount, updated Linux kernel to, a caller advancement indicator, wsl --install nary longer requires the --distribution argument.
  • Added wsl.exe --version to show applicable information.

The large quality is that WSL 2 makes it imaginable for users to tally Linux GUI applications, without having to edifice to a virtual instrumentality instrumentality oregon dual booting. That unsocial is worthy the terms of introduction (which is free).

Pre-requisites for WSL2 connected Windows 11

In bid to successfully instal WSL2 connected Windows 11, you request to marque definite you person the pursuing pre-requisites:

Windows 11 physique fig 22000 oregon higher.

Virtual Machine Platform optional constituent indispensable beryllium enabled.

To alteration the Virtual Machine Platform component, unfastened an elevated PowerShell punctual and contented the command:

dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all

Once you've met those conditions, you tin caput implicit to the Microsoft App Store, hunt for WSL, and install. 

If you've upgraded Windows 10 to Windows 11, and already had WSL installed, you tin inactive spell to the Microsoft App Store and instal the caller mentation from determination (the archetypal and caller versions tin tally simultaneously).

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