Mom gets heart transplant in time for Christmas

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's a peculiar Christmas for a azygous mom, who defeated the likelihood adjacent aft immoderate doctors had fixed up hope.

Victoria Guajardo had spent overmuch of the past 2 years separated from her 9-year-old son, Alfredo De la Cruz.

"I was bittersweet erstwhile she was transferred to Houston," Alfredo told ABC13. "I couldn't beryllium with her."

He couldn't beryllium with her due to the fact that her bosom was failing. At conscionable 27, Guajardo suffered a bosom onslaught and her bosom would not pump. A infirmary successful her municipality of Harlingen, Texas told her they could prevention her, but things did not spell arsenic good arsenic they thought.

"(Doctors) did an unfastened bosom country wherever my bosom stopped twice," Guajardo recalled. "So that's erstwhile they decided they were not capable to bash thing other for me, truthful they transferred maine to Houston."

From there, Guajardo went to Memorial Hermann successful the Texas Medical Center and they gave her hope. Cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Ismael Salas and a squad of physicians installed a pump. Then they got Guajardo connected the database for a transplant.

"She is simply a truly bully idiosyncratic and a fighter," Salas said. "I'm precise arrogant of each our team. This is simply a lawsuit wherever galore radical volition springiness up oregon don't determination forward."

After waiting for astir 2 years, Guajardo got a caller bosom successful October. She does not cognize whose bosom is beating successful her thorax but is she's precise grateful to the donor.

"I'm precise grateful for (the donor)," Guajardo expressed. "For them, for their family. It's bittersweet. It's a blessing to person a caller bosom this Christmas."

Since her surgery, Guajardo's prognosis is good. She is doing well, and, astir importantly, she gets to walk the holidays with her family. Especially with her lad who is thankful to beryllium backmost with his mom.

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