Nadal's Aus Open hopes cop cruel blow

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Rafael Nadal's hopes of appearing successful adjacent month's Australian Open looks to beryllium successful uncertainty aft the Spanish superstar tested affirmative for COVID-19.

While Nadal's sanction is connected the introduction database for the Australian Open, which starts connected January 17, his information has remained a mystery.

The 20-time Grand Slam victor conscionable stunned tennis fans earlier this week by conceding helium wasn't a fastener to compete.

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"The thought is to spell determination and effort my champion determination successful Australia," helium said. "Being 100 per cent honest, I can't warrant it. I request to talk with my team."

And present it appears the 35-year-old's availability remains adjacent much uncertain aft taking to societal media contiguous to corroborate helium tested affirmative for COVID-19 aft arriving backmost successful Spain pursuing an accumulation lawsuit successful Abu Dhabi.

Rafael Nadal (Getty)

He had antecedently spent the past 4 months distant from the tribunal due to a ft injury.

Writing successful Spanish, Nadal revealed his COVID-19 diagnosis has near him dealing with immoderate "unpleasant moments".

"I wanted to denote that connected my instrumentality location aft playing the Abu Dhabi tournament, I person tested affirmative for COVID … erstwhile I arrived successful Spain," Nadal wrote translated to English.

"I americium having immoderate unpleasant moments but I anticipation that I volition amended small by little. I americium present homebound and person reported the effect to those who person been successful interaction with me.

"As a effect of the situation, I person to person full flexibility with my calendar and I volition analyse my options depending connected my evolution.

"I volition support you informed of immoderate decisions astir my aboriginal tournaments."

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