New Survey Shows Nearly Half of US Millennials Want to Buy More Crypto – Where Will the Money Go

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A caller survey by CNBC shows that astatine slightest 48% of US millennials privation to bargain crypto successful 2022. These integer assets person been rather fashionable among this property group, and it’s not hard to spot why. 

In fact, the CNBC survey shows that astatine slightest 83% of each US millennial millionaires person crypto successful their portfolio oregon person invested successful it successful the past. But wherefore are millennials keen connected doubling down connected crypto investments adjacent year? Here are immoderate reasons:

  • First, inflationary pressures owed to COVID and the planetary proviso concatenation situation volition thrust investments towards crypto

  • Also, sentiment astir cryptocurrency appears bullish astatine champion successful the adjacent term

  • We whitethorn besides spot argumentation tightening from the Fed adjacent year, thing that whitethorn marque equities little attractive.

How Is Crypto Sentiment Right Now?

The crypto marketplace has been up and down of late. But adjacent amidst this monolithic volatility, maturation has been reported. Overall, the semipermanent sentiment astir crypto remains bullish. But this of course, depends connected the benignant of coins. DeFi tokens and successful particular, GameFi are worthy watching.

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Where Will the Money Flow?

AS much millennials look into crypto successful 2022, the large question is, wherever volition they enactment their money? First of all, the main large-cap coins similar BTC and ETH volition beryllium a just crippled nary doubt. But we are besides going to spot due diversifications with DeFi tokens getting much attraction than ever before. 

It is besides apt that NFTs volition marque a important portion of crypto investments adjacent year. Although NFTs are new, they connection an breathtaking and futuristic prospect. This often drives affirmative sentiment among millennial investors. But based connected this CNBC data, it is wide that galore millennials are going to proceed gathering wealthiness done crypto arsenic a superior plus class.

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