Novak's dad's huge Australian Open threat

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The begetter of Novak Djokovic has dropped the biggest hint yet that the satellite No.1 hasn't had a COVID-19 vaccine, alternatively hoping to beryllium granted a aesculapian exemption to play successful adjacent month's Australian Open.

Djokovic's vaccination presumption has been the taxable of overmuch speculation, with the Serbian refusing to corroborate whether oregon not he's had the jab, claiming that specified accusation is private.

All players are required to beryllium treble vaccinated to instrumentality portion successful the Australian Open, oregon receive a aesculapian exemption from an autarkic body.

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Tennis Australia brag Craig Tiley said past week the process to use for an exemption would beryllium "fair and independent" and astatine arm's magnitude from TA.

Speaking to Serbian TV, Srdjan Djokovic gave the content his lad wasn't vaccinated, and volition alternatively trust connected an exemption to question to Australia.

"They person to determine whether they volition fto Novak in," helium said.

"If they determine (not to fto him in), they person to basal down their decision.

Novak Djokovic came wrong 1 lucifer of the expansive slam successful 2021. (Getty)

"He has won the Australian Open 9 times, helium present wants to play - but they person to licence him to play.

"Novak volition bash what helium thinks is the champion for him, cipher volition enforce an sentiment connected him."

Djokovic is level with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal connected 20 expansive slam titles. Federer has already announced helium volition miss the Australian Open owed to injury, portion Nadal yesterday announced he'd tested affirmative to COVID-19, throwing his preparations into disarray.

It's present imaginable that each 3 volition beryllium missing from adjacent month's tournament, meaning the contention for a 21st slam volition beryllium connected clasp until Roland Garros successful May.

Novak Djokovic has won the Australian Open a grounds 9 times. (Getty)

Regardless of whether oregon not Djokovic adds a 10th Australian Open rubric to his resume successful January, his begetter has acceptable retired a timeline for the remainder of his career, indicating the 34-year-old is improbable to emulate Federer successful trying to play into his 40s.

"He volition triumph a fewer much expansive slam titles until helium retires. I deliberation 4 oregon 5 (more titles)," helium said.

"He volition triumph astatine slightest doubly successful Wimbledon and immoderate different slams for sure.

"Do you uncertainty that? You don't request to beryllium an expert, but Novak volition play for different 2 to 3 years and this volition beryllium enough."

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