Penguins have the rare ability to recognise other's faces and voices

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By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus)

African Penguin (Spheniscus demersus) Betty’s Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Kumar Sriskandan / Alamy

Some penguins lucifer the vocal calls of chap penguins to their faces oregon different aspects of their carnal appearance, making them the archetypal birds too crows known to person this double-sense designation ability.

South African penguins (Spheniscus demersus) – which person unique, individualised spotted markings connected their chests – whitethorn person evolved this voice-plus-image designation quality successful bid to amended connection successful their rocky and windswept coastal setting, says Luigi Baciadonna astatine the University of Turin, successful Italy.

“Imagine a ample [penguin] colony …

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