Remember the Rohingya ‘forced to run for their lives’

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The satellite indispensable not hide the astir 1 cardinal Rohingya from Myanmar “forced to tally for their lives from the military’s genocidal onslaught against them”, an autarkic UN quality rights adept said connected Monday, opening his archetypal ngo to Bangladesh.

The Special Rapporteur connected the concern of quality rights successful Myanmar, Tom Andrews, began his authoritative sojourn with a statement reminding that erstwhile conditions let for their safe, dignified and sustainable repatriation, “the Rohingya privation thing much than to instrumentality to their homes successful Myanmar”.

The complex Rohingya exile crisis erupted successful August 2017, pursuing attacks connected distant constabulary outposts successful occidental Myanmar by equipped groups alleged to beryllium from wrong the community. These were followed by systematic antagonistic attacks against the minority, chiefly Muslim Rohingya, which quality rights groups, including elder UN officials, have said amounted to taste cleansing.    

Support those driven from home

During his six-day trip, the Special Rapporteur volition sojourn Dhaka, the Rohingya exile camps successful Cox’s Bazar, and the land of Bhasan Char – wherever galore Rohingya person been relocated.

He volition conscionable Government and civilian nine representatives, UN officials and, astir importantly, members of the Rohingya community.

“While the Myanmar junta continues to systematically interruption the radical of Myanmar’s quality rights, it is captious that the planetary assemblage enactment those who person been forced to fly their homes successful Myanmar for Bangladesh”, Mr. Andrews said. “I americium honoured to person the accidental to conscionable with them”.

Listen and lend support

The UN adept expressed his gratitude to the Bangladesh Government for providing him with entree during this indispensable mission, noting that helium has been fixed an important accidental to conscionable with applicable officials arsenic good arsenic planetary and civilian nine organizations successful narration to Myanmar.

“In particular, I look guardant to gathering with Rohingya, to perceive to them, lend support, and enactment unneurotic with them towards sustainable semipermanent solutions and pursuing accountability for the atrocities the subject committed against them successful Myanmar”, underscored Mr. Andrews

On his past time successful the country, 19 December, the autarkic adept volition stock his preliminary observations during a property league successful Dhaka.

His findings volition besides signifier portion of an update to beryllium presented to the UN Human Rights Council successful March.

Special Rapporteurs and are appointed by the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council to examine and study back on a circumstantial quality rights taxable oregon a state situation. The positions are honorary and they are not paid for their work.

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