Rival goalkeepers in ugly UFC-like brawl

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Tempers person boiled implicit successful the National Lacrosse League arsenic a goalie combat broke retired during play successful the Rochester Knighthawks triumph implicit the Albany Firewolves.

After a ascendant show from the Knighthawks to commencement the game, respective players from some sides became engaged successful the 3rd quarter, pushing and shoving each other.

But things escalated erstwhile rival goalkeepers Rylan Hartley (Rochester Knighthawks) and Ethan Woods (Albany Firewolves ) dropped their gloves to speech blows.

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Opposing goalkeepers Rylan Hartley and Ethan Woods hole to commercialized blows. (Twitter)

"Oh my goodness. Look astatine this," said commentator Brendan Glasheen.

"Woodsy the reserve goalie coming out. That is not Doug Jamieson retired there, he's watching.

"Oh my, Ethan Woods [is] giving Hartley a portion of his mind."

"They're going to complaint other for this," added his co-commentator.

"This has got to beryllium a first.

"You don't request to spell to the UFC, you got it close [here]."

"Oh my, Ethan Woods [is] giving Hartley a portion of his mind.

Both players were aboriginal removed from play with crippled misconducts.

The Knighthawks went connected to comfortably decision the Firewolves 16-7.

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