The new Superman comes out as bisexual in an upcoming comic

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Until this year, though, each comic iteration of Superman has been besotted with longtime emotion Lois Lane. But successful an upcoming contented of a caller "Superman" series, the Man of Steel enters into a queer relationship.

The 5th contented of the DC comic bid "Superman: Son of Kal-El" volition corroborate that the caller Superman -- Jon Kent, kid of Clark Kent and Lane -- is bisexual aft falling for Jay Nakamura, a antheral reporter, DC announced this week.

    The "Superman: Son of Kal-El" bid follows Kent arsenic helium becomes Earth's caller Superman and grapples with the immense value of his caller gig. Nakamura, a bespectacled writer with a bubble-gum pinkish mop, archetypal appeared successful the series' 3rd contented arsenic a enarthrosis for Kent to thin connected erstwhile the concern of being Superman gets excessively rough.

      The younger Kent falls (literally, based connected  this image) for his person  Nakamura successful  an upcoming comic.

      But successful the forthcoming 5th issue, coming adjacent month, Kent falls for the writer -- helium is his father's lad -- aft helium "mentally and physically burns retired from trying to prevention everyone that helium can," according to DC.

      The particulars of the issue's crippled are to beryllium revealed successful November, but images from the comic amusement Kent and Nakamura sharing a buss and sitting unneurotic atop a building, their legs dangling disconnected the edge.

      Series writer Tom Taylor said the improvement of this caller Superman is keeping with the values the quality has ever represented -- and, importantly, reflects the experiences of galore comic fans.

      "Superman's awesome has ever stood for hope, for information and for justice," Taylor said successful a statement. "Today, that awesome represents thing more. Today, much radical tin spot themselves successful the astir almighty superhero successful comics."

      In an August interrogation with Nerdist, Taylor teased that Kent would find a "very bully person precise aboriginal connected ... and they're going to person a large relation successful this."

      When the responsibilities of being Superman commencement  to measurement   connected  Kent, Nakamura is determination   to help.

      That friend, it soon became clear, was Nakamura. He and Kent are the newest, but acold from the only, LGBTQ characters successful the DC universe -- earlier this year, the quality Tim Drake, 1 of the galore Robins to combat alongside Batman, accepted a day from a antheral admirer. And earlier Kent and Drake, determination was Batwoman, besides known arsenic Kate Kane, who astatine 1 constituent was punished for her narration with different pistillate nether the US military's erstwhile "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy; Harley Quinn, who's ditched the Joker for her person Poison Ivy successful caller comic runs; and the transgender idiosyncratic Victoria October, who debuted successful a 2017 Batman series.

      NPR's Glen Weldon, who's written a publication connected Batman and regularly writes astir comics, said that the queering of characters similar Robin and Superman is "progress," but due to the fact that the characters who travel retired are not the canonical iterations of heroes -- Drake isn't the lone Robin successful the DC Universe, and Jon Kent's begetter volition ever beryllium the best-known Superman -- the crippled developments aren't arsenic important oregon genre-shifting arsenic they seem, Weldon wrote this week.

        Still, Weldon said, a bisexual Superman and queer Robin are worthy celebrating -- they're not a one-dimensional villain oregon broadside quality who's rapidly killed off, but the "heroes of their ain stories."

        Fans tin work much astir Kent's burgeoning romance erstwhile the 5th contented of "Superman: Son of Kal-El" is released connected November 9.

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