The UN belongs to young people, deputy chief tells young Costa Rican activists

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Ms. Mohammed spoke with young biology and clime activists determination arsenic portion of her two-day ngo to the Central American country, which concluded connected Tuesday. 

Communities crossed #CostaRica are moving to reconstruct the mangroves. Thanks to leaders similar Estela successful Cuajiniquil, Guanacaste starring the mode to restoration of these magnificent ecosystems, bringing livelihoods to families. #SDGs

— Amina J Mohammed (@AminaJMohammed) December 21, 2021

“The United Nations belongs to you, young people,” she said. 

“We indispensable link the clime negotiations with what is happening successful the world.  We person to combat for the strengthening of democracy, and enactment successful the votes, due to the fact that yet ideology is besides clime action.” 

During their exchange, the activists expressed concerns astir the impacts of clime alteration connected the astir excluded populations. 

Youth speaking up 

They assured the UN’s second-in-command that young radical are progressively raising their voices and mobilizing much to request that countries comply with planetary agreements. 

"We indispensable beryllium much ambitious, determination faster for the situation and the climate, but we besides request the satellite to recognize, value, and springiness the abstraction that young radical merit successful clime negotiations," said Sara Cognuck, 1 of the young biology leaders. 

Ms. Mohammed urged young radical to fortify however they signifier astir issues, and to place ways to money their causes, to guarantee that their voices, arsenic good arsenic their actions, scope each country of the globe.  

For the UN, clime alteration is the defining contented of our time, and it figured prominently successful her discussions with Costan Rican officials, civilian nine and others. 

Promoting associated cooperation 

On Monday, Ms. Mohammed met with President Carlos Alvarado and Vice President, Epsy Campbell to place and beforehand associated practice connected biology protection, clime mitigation and adaption, and besides the financing for improvement that processing countries require. 

They further examined however to fortify actions to service the astir susceptible populations, specified arsenic  people of African descent, women, indigenous  peoples, migrants, asylum seekers, children and adolescents. 

The Deputy Secretary-General’s sojourn besides highlighted Costa Rica’s enactment successful mobilizing improvement concern for middle-income countries, and achieving indebtedness relief, particularly successful the discourse of the COVID-19 pandemic.   

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed (left), meets Lennin Céspedes, a enactment    astatine  the Las Pailas Geothermal Plant successful  Guanacaste, Costa Rica,

ONU Costa Rica/Danilo Mora

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed (left), meets Lennin Céspedes, a enactment astatine the Las Pailas Geothermal Plant successful Guanacaste, Costa Rica,

Scale up solutions 

The situation is putting planetary efforts to execute the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) astatine risk.  Ms. Mohammed stressed the request for urgent enactment and ambition. 

"We request to spell to standard with solutions and flooded the obstacles that prevarication ahead. The UN is committed to accompanying Costa Rica connected this travel to fulfill the committedness of the SDGs,” she said. 

Ms. Mohammed besides discussed Costa Rica’s connection for a COVID-19 Economic Relief Fund (CFE) and akin initiatives to grow fiscal abstraction determination and successful different middle-income countries, for green, inclusive and resilient recovery. 

Talks besides covered innovative financing tools, including alleged “blue” and “green” bonds, and aligning investments successful strategical sectors specified arsenic societal extortion and “green” jobs to bolster aboriginal resilience.  

Linking decarbonization efforts to a conscionable modulation was besides a absorption up of the adjacent UN clime alteration conference, COP27, owed to instrumentality spot successful Cairo adjacent year. 

Costa Rica taking action 

During her mission, Ms. Mohammed besides held respective meetings with authorities ministers and leaders from the Central Bank and successful areas specified arsenic nationalist concern and the backstage sector, to enactment the state successful its efforts to execute the SDGs. 

“Costa Rica has taken enactment to code clime alteration and to fortify cleanable vigor accumulation with astir each of its energy coming from renewable sources.   It has besides managed to support its close to biodiversity and reverse deforestation, to the constituent that contiguous 59 per cent of its territory is covered by forests,” said Ms. Mohammed.  

She described the state arsenic “an illustration to amusement the portion and the satellite that nether nary circumstances tin we wantonness our objectives and agreements connected clime and sustainable development.”  

Meeting section communities 

Ms. Mohammed stopped astatine Las Pailas geothermal works successful Liberia Guanacaste, wherever she observed Costa Rica's advancement successful securing a renewable energy matrix that presently covers much than 99 per cent of its population. 

She besides visited women assemblage leaders from Cuajiniquil, Guanacaste, moving to sphere mangrove forests, not lone arsenic a means of biology extortion but besides to  ensure sustainable livelihoods. 

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed (right), visits the Cuajiniquil mangrove wood  successful  Guanacaste, Costa, Rica, to speech   with women leaders moving   to support   it.

ONU Costa Rica/Danilo Mora

UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina Mohammed (right), visits the Cuajiniquil mangrove wood successful Guanacaste, Costa, Rica, to speech with women leaders moving to support it.

At the 25 de Julio assemblage successful Hatillo de San José, Ms. Mohammed met with migrants and asylum seekers, and to amusement enactment for Costa Rica’s efforts towards their inclusion. 

She besides visited Freedom Park, located successful the assemblage of Desamparados, a abstraction  focused connected section inclusion and biology protection.  It was determination that she had the dialog with young environmentalists. 

UN Garden 

Ms. Mohammed besides planted a tree, inaugurating the UN Garden astatine the park, and frankincense affirming committedness to young radical and susceptible communities successful Costa Rica and astir the world. 

The Deputy Secretary yet highlighted the UN’s committedness to jointly signifier with Costa Rica the Sustainable Development Forum successful March.   

The lawsuit volition bring unneurotic leaders from the region, the backstage assemblage and civilian society, to place innovative responses to accelerate the 2030 Agenda successful Latin America and the Caribbean.

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