'Unreal' scenes at Bathurst 1000 as car ignites

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A fiery clang has near commentators stunned connected time 4 of racing astatine the Bathurst 1000.

Kai Allen's car emerged connected occurrence aft carnage unfolded connected the archetypal thigh of Race 2 successful the TGRA86 Series, a by-product of Lachie Bloxsom losing the rear of his car.

Bloxsom came unstuck astatine The Dipper and spun out, causing a way of destruction.

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Kai Allen's car spews occurrence aft a multi-car clang successful Race 2 of the TGRA86 category. (FOX Sports)

"Unfortunately for Kai Allen it looks similar he's made dense interaction successful the beforehand of that car and it's dislodged an lipid enactment oregon a substance enactment oregon something," said commentator Andrew Jones.

"That's a fair, just occurrence out."

Allen's car began spewing flames from underneath earlier rapidly extinguishing itself.

"Oh look astatine that, it's conscionable enactment itself out," said commentator Chad Neylon.

"That's amazing. That's remarkable."

"That is unreal," exclaimed Jones.

Ryan Hadden, Michael Sherwell and Rossi Johnson were besides progressive successful the wreck. Allen's teammate, Johnson, was subsequently seen headbutting his beforehand bonnet successful frustration.

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