Watch Jen Psaki Shut Down A Right Wing Lie About Joe Biden

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Press Secretary Jen Psaki unopen down a New York Post newsman who tried to dispersed the prevarication that President Biden owes backmost taxes.


Jen Psaki cuts disconnected a New York Post newsman who tries to propulsion the bogus, and evidence-free assertion that President Biden owes backmost taxes.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) October 12, 2021

A New York Post newsman tried to inject the mendacious and baseless communicative that circulated connected right-wing media astir President Biden owing $500,000 successful payroll taxes. After letting the newsman babble connected for astir a minute, Psaki chopped him disconnected and said that she thought she knew wherever this was going. The Press Secretary said that the communicative had been debunked, Biden has released decades worthy of taxation returns, and she moved on.

Jen Psaki showed however to grip misinformation.

The mendacious communicative astir Biden perchance owing backmost taxes is truthful important to the close due to the fact that Donald Trump perchance owes hundreds of millions of dollars to the IRS and is nether aggregate transgression investigations for taxation fraud.

There is nary grounds that President Biden avoided paying taxes.


The close is trying to muddy the waters to marque Trump and Biden look the aforesaid successful the eyes of plaything voters. It was a palmy maneuver that Republicans utilized successful 2016.

Jen Psaki showed however to grip misinformation. She unopen it down, debunked it, and moved on. The White House Press Secretary did not springiness the illegitimate question credibility by engaging with it.

Psaki isn’t going to let the close to usage the regular White House briefing to propulsion their efforts to smear Biden and elevate Trump.

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