'You' finds twisted new wrinkles with Love and marriage in the suburbs

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Victoria Pedretti and Penn Badgley successful  'You's' 3rd  play   connected  Netflix.

(CNN)Another salvage task by Netflix, "You" went from a Lifetime also-ran to a social-media sensation, with its twisted pb becoming a benignant of latter-day "Dexter," heavy narrating his bizarre story. The 3rd play continues to equilibrium that delicate juggling act, with a wife, babe and beingness successful suburbia simply adding to the chaos, and for the astir part, macabre fun.

Much of that has to bash with Penn Badgley's perfectly pitched portrayal of Joe Goldberg, the tech-savvy stalker whose infatuations pain brightly but seldom extremity well. After 2 seasons successful which helium has ever appeared to beryllium 1 measurement up of the guillotine, Joe has joined Love (Victoria Pedretti), directs overmuch of his narration astatine his babe lad and speaks (at slightest successful his ain head) astir becoming a amended antheral for some of them, but seriously, who'd privation to ticker that?

Season 3 begins with Joe and Love experiencing immoderate of the joys and galore of the headaches associated with parenthood, earlier a flirtatious neighbour complicates his effort to crook implicit a caller leaf.

    Anything beyond that lands squarely successful the "spoiler" zone, but suffice it to accidental that the 'burbs are filled with happy, smiling radical that Joe often finds annoying oregon conscionable plain odd, and immoderate of them are improbable to past each the mode done this year's 10 episodes. Of course, the information there's immoderate earnestly twisted worldly going connected down the picket fences and cleanable lawns doesn't assistance matters.

      One of the challenges of "You" involves dancing up to that enactment successful telling its communicative from a sociopath's position without wholly toppling implicit it, creating situations that are edgy without becoming downright distasteful. In that regard, there's a just magnitude of cheating successful portraying the seemingly mean souls successful Joe's orbit arsenic being screwed up capable that it's imaginable for him -- and by extension, the assemblage -- to spot justification should thing atrocious happen.

      Joe's atomic household surely adds to the grade of difficulty, and recognition the producers with mostly navigating those guardrails arsenic the bid remains some tense and darkly funny. Joe tin beryllium precise clever, but his plans person a wont of going wildly awry, leaving america privy to his panicked interior monologues.

      While Season 3 surely doesn't disappoint, the disclaimer would beryllium that this is 1 of those shows -- similar spiritual daddy "Dexter," which makes its ain instrumentality adjacent month -- wherever little mightiness yet beryllium much successful contemplating the magnitude of its run. As amusing arsenic it is watching atrocious guys person atrocious days, this is 1 of those wells that doesn't -- oregon shouldn't -- person a bottomless proviso of last-minute escapes.

      Joe becomes easy infatuated and obsessed, which successful a consciousness makes him a cleanable surrogate for the streaming age. "You" dodged a slug with its determination to Netflix, generating the benignant of pop-culture footprint that the bid apt ne'er would person enjoyed connected Lifetime.

        Perhaps that's wherefore each play beyond the second, frankly, feels similar gravy. And portion this go-round sets the signifier for more, arsenic Dexter discovered, adjacent a handsome sociopath should admit the perils of staying successful 1 spot excessively long.

        "You" Season 3 begins Oct. 15 connected Netflix.

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