Australia in danger of losing F1 race for good

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The Victorian authorities has conscionable months to unafraid the aboriginal of the Australian Formula One Grand Prix, amid reports the athletics won't instrumentality if adjacent year's contention doesn't spell ahead.

This year's event, which was owed to beryllium held successful November, was cancelled successful July, the 2nd consecutive twelvemonth the contention was called off.

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Organisers were incapable to springiness F1 bosses a warrant that this year's contention would proceed, with Victorian sports curate Martin Pakula saying astatine the clip helium was not capable to forecast what restrictions would beryllium successful spot successful November.

Formula One teams person point-blank refused to service 2 weeks quarantine, which remains mandatory erstwhile entering Australia.

Daniel Ricciardo hasn't raced astatine his location expansive prix since 2019. (Getty)

According to leaked versions of the 2022 F1 calendar, Australia is acceptable to big the 3rd contention of the play connected April 10, with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to unfastened the season.

But 1 of the world's starring Formula One journalists, Joe Saward, who has attended much than 500 consecutive races, says Melbourne is connected its past chance.

"Some F1 people are cynical that the contention volition erstwhile again beryllium called off," Saward wrote connected his blog.

"If this happens, I americium told that the declaration volition beryllium cancelled and Australia volition suffer its race, due to the fact that F1 is bored with dealing with the mode the Australian authorities are behaving.

"There is sizeable unit for places connected the F1 docket and portion Melbourne is simply a fashionable venue, the Victorian authorities authorities nether Daniel Andrews – and the national authorities nether Prime Minister Scott Morrison – person made it intolerable to tally a race.

"The satellite is opening up – for amended oregon worse – and Australia needs to recognize that it indispensable halt being a fortress.

"Viruses don't respect fortresses, truthful it is simply a failed policy."

The Albert Park circuit successful Melbourne, without each the Formula One infrastructure. (Getty)

Next year's expansive prix is owed to beryllium held conscionable 3 months aft the Australian Open, with organisers and wellness officials yet to uncover precisely however players volition beryllium brought to Melbourne, and what quarantine arrangements volition beryllium successful unit up of the season's archetypal Grand Slam tournament.

It's hoped that expanding vaccination rates successful the authorities volition mean overseas travellers, including tennis and expansive prix personnel, volition beryllium capable to participate the authorities freely.

The nonaccomplishment of the expansive prix would beryllium a bitter stroke to Victoria, which has seen the past 2 AFL expansive finals moved interstate.

Victorian sports curate Martin Pakula and Australian Grand Prix Corporation brag Andrew Westacott person been approached for comment.

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