Former England captain's blunt admission

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Former England skipper Michael Vaughan made the frankest of admissions astatine the extremity of time 3 successful the 2nd Ashes Test, conceding that the hosts are simply the amended squad from apical to bottom.

"The honorable facts are that Australia are a amended cricket squad successful each facets of Test cricket," Vaughan wrote connected Twitter.

"No constituent successful making excuses,the Aussies are conscionable a batch better."

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But wherever Vaughan was resigned, Kevin Pietersen was erstwhile again digging successful connected societal media.

The England large has been highly vocal during the series, and popped up again connected Saturday greeting UK time.

Pietersen was perturbed astatine England's dilatory tally complaint during the 2nd session, peculiarly against the off-spinner.

"Can SOMEONE delight smack Lyon?!?!! FFS!" He wrote connected Twitter.

"Off spinner with zero variations and bowling connected satellite crickets flattest road!!!!"

Australian writer Nic Savage rapidly pointed retired that Lyon had really taken KP's wicket 4 times, with lone Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan and Saeed Ajmal being much successful.

Pietersen spot consecutive back, saying that you needed to look astatine the discourse of those wickets — and helium whitethorn person a point.

During the 2013 Ashes successful England and 2013-14 bid successful Australia erstwhile they crossed paths, Pietersen was dismissed by Lyon 4 times, but did instrumentality 163 disconnected the spinner's bowling astatine a onslaught complaint of much than 70.

Lyon knocks implicit Chris Woakes with superb ball

The timing couldn't person been overmuch worse for Pietersen — Lyon bowled Chris Woakes soon after, and past took his 3rd wicket of the innings successful his pursuing over.

On BT Sport's sum Sir Alastair Cook, alongside erstwhile teammate Matt Prior, said the determination to bat again allowed different avenue of flight for England.

James Anderson looks connected during a frustrating time three. (Getty)

"The gully wouldn't person been an enactment if they hadn't enforced the travel on," Cook said.

"England now, successful the morning, they've got a crippled plan, successful 1 sense. They've got 180 overs, they've got to marque each tally Australia people arsenic hard arsenic they can, that volition effort and delay, that's got to beryllium a tactic, effort and hold Australia from making that declaration.

Green gets the skipper again

"Obviously Steve Smith volition person a spot of a number, marque that arsenic agelong [as possible], and past it's implicit my dormant assemblage batting stuff."

It would beryllium an unthinkable feat for England to unit a draw, oregon deity forbid, triumph the match.

"If you halt believing, you whitethorn arsenic good springiness up," Prior added.

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