Powerhouse Storm winger finds new home in Sydney

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A household situation is acceptable to onshore the Bulldogs the signature of powerhouse Storm winger Isaac Lumelume.

The Fijian international's begetter lives successful Sydney and was precocious diagnosed with encephalon cancer.

To their credit, the Storm instantly released Lumelume connected compassionate grounds truthful helium could beryllium person to his dad.

Lumelume has been grooming with the Bulldogs but incapable to officially motion connected due to the fact that the club's roster of 30 players has been full.

But Nick Cotric's determination backmost to Canberra has opened a abstraction successful the club's ranks and Lumelume is expected to beryllium fixed a declaration aft the Christmas break.

With the spot of the Storm backline, Lumelume has played conscionable six games since making his debut precocious successful the 2020 season.

But the speedy Fijian has 3 tries successful those six games and volition beryllium a useful summation to the Bulldogs' ranks.

Isaac Lumelume is acceptable to motion with the Bulldogs. (Getty)

Fitzgibbon's blunt connection to players

New manager Craig Fitzgibbon has wasted nary clip enforcing immoderate strict subject astatine the Sharks.

Players were handed their caller grooming kit for 2022 precocious - and informed that if they mislaid oregon damaged their gear, they would person to wage for the replacement items themselves.

The determination hasn't gone down each that good with immoderate of the Sharks' elder players - but is simply a large acquisition successful accountability and existent satellite issues that truthful galore modern time stars conflict to woody with.

Craig Fitzgibbon is making his people astatine the Sharks. (Getty)

Rabbitohs motion young gun

South Sydney person picked up a lively imaginable from Cronulla successful erstwhile Junior Kangaroos prop Tom Giles.

Giles played successful the aforesaid young Aussie squad arsenic Sam Walker, Reece Walsh and Max Feagai.

The 20-year-old has bully shot skills and weighs successful astatine 110 kilos - and is inactive growing.

Thr youngster is inactive eligible for the Flegg Cup adjacent play but the Rabbitohs are expected to trial him retired successful the higher grades successful the trials and aboriginal season.

Warrington's inaugural paves mode for Souths

English nine Warrington has breached caller crushed successful rugby league by launching precocious tech non-fungible tokens - and volition soon beryllium followed by South Sydney.

The tokens are collectable items, invaluable integer assets that are unique.

They are the caller large happening successful the integer satellite and sports person cashed successful connected them, with immoderate successful the US marketplace selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The NFTs, arsenic they are known, diagnostic peculiar contented - the Warrington mentation has a personalised video connection from marquee halfback signing George Williams arsenic good arsenic animated images of the nine jersey and location ground.

Souths program to merchandise their ain scope of NFTs aboriginal adjacent year.

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