US Olympic staffer in trouble over offensive post

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The chiropractor for the American women's wrestling squad has apologised aft comparing Olympic COVID-19 protocols to Nazi Germany successful a societal media post.

Rosie Gallegos-Main, a chiropractor for women's wrestling since 2009, said successful a missive to the USA Wrestling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee she was atrocious "for my mediocre judgement and my prime to stock this message."

The post, sent to her Instagram and Facebook accounts past week, was flagged by some societal media platforms for spreading misinformation.


"We went from 'Flattening the curve successful 14 days' to 'Going door-to-door to spot your papers' ... Gotta admit, I did N-A-Z-I that 1 coming," the station said.

Gallegos-Main deleted her station hours aft The Associated Press brought it to the attraction of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

She volition beryllium allowed to decorativeness her planned enactment astatine USA Wrestling's pre-Olympic campy successful Nakatsugawa, Japan. This is her 3rd Olympics with women's wrestling, though she is not a portion of the accredited US delegation successful Tokyo. She volition besides beryllium required to acquisition diversity, equity and inclusion training.

"The USOPC does not condone oregon tolerate immoderate behaviour that intentionally offends oregon attacks others," the USOPC said successful a connection to the AP. "The station that this unpaid shared is wholly inconsistent with our values and we made this wide to her arsenic soon arsenic we became alert of it.

"As shown done her punctual removal of the stock and her apology, she has shown wide remorse and committed to an acquisition process with DE&I experts. The USOPC volition enactment with USA Wrestling to spot that she gets that acquisition assets and understands our organisation's shared planetary intent of gathering a better, much inclusive satellite done sport."

Gallegos-Main said she "did not enactment immoderate thought into however the ending of the meme mightiness impact others" and says she was placing "an accent connected coercion by authorities, alternatively than thing to bash with Germany and the Jewish people."

"I present spot that these are linked and can't beryllium separated," she wrote. "I volition ne'er usage this connection again successful immoderate signifier that does not person a due instauration for its usage, specified arsenic successful a past acquisition oregon successful educating radical astir the past.

"I'm profoundly saddened by this and privation to apologise for my mediocre judgement and my prime to stock this message. I americium besides atrocious that this whitethorn person been a distraction for the delegation which should beryllium focused connected supporting our athletes to the champion of our ability."

The astir 22,000 athletes, officials, coaches and media that person traveled to Japan for the Games are surviving nether strict restrictions to forestall a surge successful infections among the country's wide population. Japanese authorities said Monday that 21.6 percent of the nation's 126 cardinal colonisation is afloat vaccinated.

Foreigners person been required to supply impervious of antagonistic microorganism tests wrong 72 hours of departure for Tokyo and are being tested passim their stay. Travelers person spent hours waiting for paperwork support astatine airports, and visitors person been mostly barred from interacting with the Japanese nationalist during their archetypal 14 days successful the country.

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