What Embiid thinks of returning Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons' Sixers teammate Joel Embiid has welcomed backmost the Australian from exile aft the 25-year-old's daze return to Philadelphia.

The Aussie gave up connected his clasp retired yesterday, arriving astatine the team's installation to instrumentality a COVID-19 trial to marque him eligible for signifier up of the commencement of the play adjacent week.

Simmons' return started to summation steam implicit the weekend, with the Sixers reportedly "working astir the timepiece connected a resolution". The squad has been successful changeless interaction with his agent, adjacent though Sixers officials haven't spoken to the disgruntled prima since August.

Joel Embiid was diplomatic erstwhile asked astir Simmons' return. (AAP)

The Australian's backflip is simply a effect of not wanting to deterioration immoderate much fiscal penalties alternatively than yearning to beryllium portion of the squad for the agelong haul. However, the crushed wherefore he's backmost didn't look to faze Embiid.

Despite labelling the Australian's lack "disappointing" and calling reports that Simmons didn't privation to play with him anymore "borderline disrespectful," Embiid changed his tune erstwhile asked astir Simmons returning.

"That is bully for the organisation," helium said. "That's thing that everybody wanted. I've ever said that I judge that helium gives america the champion accidental to win.

"We are a amended team, with him than without, that's for sure. I'm blessed that things person resolved and we tin determination connected and effort to beryllium a amended team.

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"Personally, I haven't talked to him since the play ended. Obviously, I tried, but it wasn't palmy arsenic a batch of my teammates have.

"Like I said, it's unfortunate the full concern happened, but similar I accidental we are a amended squad with him connected the floor. I deliberation there's gonna beryllium immoderate adjustments, but it doesn't request to beryllium awkward. I mean, we are professionals.

"We privation to win. I privation to win. So helium gives america the champion accidental to triumph truthful that's what I'm gonna spell with."

Young Sixers defender Isaiah Joe echoed Embiid's sentiments, saying helium doesn't person "bad blood" with the Aussie.

"It's bully to person Ben back," Joe said. "He's inactive a portion of this squad arsenic Jo was saying, he's a large asset. We're amended with him connected this squad truthful present it's conscionable astir welcoming him backmost connected the squad and support it going from there.

"I don't person immoderate atrocious humor with anybody. Ben is inactive a large guy.

"He's a person of excavation truthful whenever we bash spot him, I'm gonna greet him conscionable similar anybody other would and hopefully we tin get him backmost connected the level due to the fact that similar I said, we are a amended squad with him connected there."

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